Book planning: how to hook readers

Okay. Most of you (myself included) would admit that it's challenging, if not exciting, to plan out your next book. It must be simple, right? Think of an idea. Create characters and a good plot. Write a few hundred pages. And you're done. Not. That. Simple. You've got to think of a plot that works. … Continue reading Book planning: how to hook readers

Blogging de-bunked

Mary Jaksh over at Write-to-Done offers a very credible argument for the myth that has writers believing that blogging is deader than a door nail. Visit Mary's awesome article. And after you've read it, skip back over here and share your opinions!

When you can’t stop

Even writers who've been at the pen or typewriter or keyboard for ages will agree: the key word here is "becomes." To write well, it takes 5% creativity and 95% determination to stick with the task. Determination is how LM Montgomery unearthed Anne of Green Gables after storing it in a hat box for years, … Continue reading When you can’t stop

A poetic bit

Photo credit: blue table writers So, inspiration comes at odd moments. When we least expect it. Mine came on the frigid Friday evening when five writers and an artist gathered around an inspiring blue table. Haiku. We all had to write a haiku based on the topic of flowers. I agonized over correct wording and … Continue reading A poetic bit

Series Reveal

It's a blustery evening. What better to do than hash over book marketing ideas, themes, and photos? This. A series I've been working on since '98. If you hanker for adventure with a lot of heart, and love to have your hope renewed, then stay tuned for this heart-warming new series. When does it premier? … Continue reading Series Reveal

And the day came

(Photo credit: The day has come. Not by my strength, but by my Father's strength through prayer, hard work, and a whole lot of patience. A complete stranger called me an author! Deirdre Lockhart, editor and writing coach at Brilliant Cut Editing, was one of the entry judges for the First Impressions contest through … Continue reading And the day came