Blogging de-bunked

Mary Jaksh over at Write-to-Done offers a very credible argument for the myth that has writers believing that blogging is deader than a door nail.

Visit Mary’s awesome article.

And after you’ve read it, skip back over here and share your opinions!

2 thoughts on “Blogging de-bunked

  1. I’d hate to tell my readers that blogging is dead.I don’t think they’d buy it. Readers follow blogs because the blog does something for them – it may be for encouragement, education, direction, or to have a connection with something/one they care about, but they follow blogs that satisfy their needs. Blogging that gives something to readers is not apt to die any time soon. And if a person is worried about blog vs website, there are a lot of templates that provide a blog and static pages. Good article, Tisha.


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