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How to deal with stress

The Eye of the Mustang
what’s your perspective?

It’s a big project. Almost too big, you think. But how do you keep going when it’s too late to turn back?

Yep. Even if you don’t write, you’ve been there. Stress. A million times over. But really — is it stress?

Well … maybe, but take heart: it only lasts for a short time. As a wise friend once told me, “You can do anything for a short amount of time.” I apply that to my writing. Yes, my writing. If you ask if I dislike it, I will say no. If you ask if I dislike planning, I will just grin, the grin meaning yes, but it will be okay.

See, it’s all in our perspective, that lens we call our mind, the chain of thoughts that link together to form the best result in the end.

So no matter where you’re stationed in life, though never totally easy, it will, however, be okay. Keep charging.

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