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What to do when you’re stumped for research

join men and send booksIf you’re like me, you get lost in a myriad of research, non-fiction books about your topic, and a huge list of research questions. Or maybe I don’t just “get lost,” I choose to get lost because I enjoy it so much! Can anyone say, “Squirrel!“?

Whether you write historical, fiction, or non-fiction, research can overload your entire day, leaving you drained and wanton for information.

There will be times you’ll come up bone dry after hours and hours of digging and reading and combing articles, in both print or online. And even after you’ve honed your research questions, too!

However, Sarah Sundin, author of eight historical fiction novels, offers this simple advice in her article about the woes of research.

Right now, I’m researching WW1 Chicago for my second novel in my Laurie Adams trilogy. I’d love to know what research projects you’re working on! Take care and #happyresearching

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