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8 Survival Quotes for Writers

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Recently, I attended the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Association yearly conference in Nashville. Armed with my program booklet for the four-day conference, I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the various sessions the conference offered.

In this post, I’ve included more snippets of key elements and survival tips taught in the sessions–elements that caused me to sit up and take notice. Hope they are an encouragement to you as well.

Susan May Warren & Rachel Hauck, Go! Write Something Brilliant

  • Start at the novel at the core of the problem.
  • How well a reader connects with and cares for your character determines the success of the story.
  • Find the universal emotion that is relate with.
  • What can your character do at the end that he couldn’t do at the beginning?
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Janice Thompson, Sustaining a Lucrative Writing Career

  • Good things come to those who have a strategy plan.
  • Keep your name out there and in front of readers/editors.
  • Have  your brand on your Facebook header.
  • Throw arrogance into the trashcan.
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