WWI Novel in Pictures

There are few books–non-fiction and fiction–books on America during WWI, although I’ve seen some crop up here and there in the last several years. I’m in the middle of planning a second novel, set in WWI Chicago and migrating to Fort Riley, Kansas. While my plot is still in the elementary stages, I’ve put together a collection of visual images of items, settings, and characters for the novel.

Left to Right by Row:

  1. Yeast Foam makes tasty buckwheat cakes.
  2. Army barracks, circa. 1920, Fort Riley, Kansas.
  3. Delivering milk.
  4. Preparing apples on the front porch.
  5. Cattle ranch, Kansas.
  6. Farmhouse.
  7. November 11, 1918 newspaper headline.
  8. Oreo “sandwich,” 1913.
  9. Two mischievous brothers breaking the wishbone.
  10. Sugar rationing in WWI. (I wonder, what other sweeteners did they use?)


Photo Credits: Pinterest

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