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Blog Post Output

the trouble with writing

We’ve all been there. I’m there now. Only I’ve got a whole bag of marbles I’m juggling.

So, in order to be creative and productive, I need to rearrange some things, namely my blogging output.

Starting the first week in August, I will be blogging biweekly. This will ensure I’ll deliver crafted and informative posts about my novel progress, WWII tidbits, and book and author interviews for you as well as be able to keep writing and editing in addition working my day job.

Thank you for your support, comments, and love along this journey. Look for the next blog post in August where I’ll share more detailed information of what it’s like on the inside of this crazy-wonderful world of writing and editing.

To make up for the lack of blog posts, please like, follow, and visit my Facebook Author Page for daily feeds about WWI and WWII history and the American home front, word of the day, and inspirational quotes and verses, as well as interesting articles.

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