#Giveaway 13 World War Two Books

Ace Collins World War Two Giveaway Tisha Martin Author EditorWIN ALL 13 BOOKS FROM ACE COLLINS’S IN THE PRESIDENT’S SERVICE SERIES!

Ace is awarding an autographed set of the first thirteen books of his Elk Lake book series, In the President’s Service, and as a bonus, copies of the following novels: The Yellow Packard, Farraday Road, Swope’s Ridge, Darkness Before Dawn, Jefferson Burke and the Secret of the Lost Scroll, The Cutting Edge, Hollywood Lost, The Christmas Star, The Fruitcake Murders, and the Christy Award Winner for Suspense Book of the Year—The Color of Justice. The winner will be the person who provides the best plan for getting the word out on his World War II adventure series, In the President’s Service.

To enter, you must create a paragraph or two presenting your plan to effectively market the series and email to Ace at Ace@AceCollins.com before September 30 with Marketing Plan in the Subject line. In your proposal, you will need to show how your plan will reach new readers, how your plan will stoke their interest in the novels, and how your plan will convince people to try out the series through a purchase. As a final part of the contest rules, you must share this contest announcement on your Facebook page and other social media. A panel made up of marketing professionals will choose the winner.

REMEMBER, SEND YOUR PLAN TO Ace@AceCollins.com, SUBJECT: MARKETING PLAN! Only entries submitted to the email address will be accepted.

Ace says, “Good luck. I can’t wait to sign all thirteen books from In the President’s Service as well as the ten bonus novels for the winner!”

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