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Blessing Jar 2018

Whew. It’s been a busy few weeks. 2017 ended with a huge roller coaster—and we kept dipping and sliding until we landed at soft bottom. Somewhat. Thankfully. As I look over 2017, I nod my head profusely because it’s been so full of adventure, trauma, and joy.

More about that in an upcoming blog “Tisha’s Word for the Year 2017” essay … patience—I’m still crafting  it!

For now, though, let’s look at this brand new year—2018—in a different light. Perhaps you’ve done this in some form or another, much like recalling a recited poem from childhood or keeping a family tradition; but I haven’t done this. Why, of course, I’ve kept a journal for years and noted answers to prayers or exciting things that happened each day.

But I’ve never filled a Blessing Jar. This should be fun!

Have you ever done something like this? I’d love to know in the comments…

Happy New Year to you!

Blessing Jar

4 thoughts on “Blessing Jar 2018

  1. I just LOVE this concept!!

    1. It sounds super exciting!

  2. I tried to do things like this years ago, but with kids growing up in the house, traditions, many of them, got shoved aside. Life gets buried in family life, and new memories take the place of old ideas. Your life is what you make it, so make it a good one. Love ya!

    1. I imagine a lot gets pushed back with kids in the house… 🙂 Memories are such treasures, though, no matter if we’re making them or looking back on them. Thanks for commenting!

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