2017 One Word Essay


Wow, did 2017 just slip past me? It was a rush of a year for sure, and filled with so many adventures. When I settled on the one word for 2017, I had no idea where adventure would take me. Like an uncharted sea of doors, I began 2017 with a foggy direction yet with the energy of a person shaking every doorknob of opportunity that stood in their way.

I prayed for opportunities but didn’t exactly know where they would come from. I compiled a scant list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2017, number one being: seek adventure and don’t let anything stand in the way of it.

I sought out opportunities: uncovered rocks and dug in crevices, hoping something–anything– would turn up. Ah, and because of my stubbornness to not take “no” for an answer, things did turn up. Sometimes not what I wanted but we cannot be choosers of our own adventures. The Lord holds the keys to all the doors he has in front of us, and we must be wise in asking and waiting for him to open whichever doors he sees fit.

I asked a sea of questions. Questions about writing, marketing, editing, publishing, and how to better connect with readers. That was an adventure all its own, for the blessings that followed filled my soul like nothing else. The friendships made and the opportunities given really flourished, and it was all because I asked God for the adventure.

2017-breathe-writers-conference-tisha-martin-author-editorI traveled, attending three conferences: one editing and two writing. The adventures of learning stretched me beyond what I could imagine. Along the way, I met some pretty awesome writers and editors with whom I


can now cheer on their journeys and they mine.

I took the train to Chicago and wandered China Town and ate dip sum with dear friends. I stayed up until 2 a.m. celebrating a birthday (which included coffee and lots of food) with a group of friends. Four days of celebrating in true Mexican style (minus the Corona–not that kind of celebrating, but the traveling from house to house talking with friends who become like family) very much was the highlight of 2017.

PENCON 2017 Cec Murphey Keynote Kathy Ide Jenne Acevedo Christi McGuire Tisha Martin Editing Freelance Editor Christian Editor Network

And I edited: for several authors and a few publishers and a ministry. I beat deadlines, and rushed some to make it in time to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. I judged for Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards–reading 45 books in less than three weeks. Have you ever experienced such glee of reading so many books, and writing so many comments? That was probably the wildest door I walked through in 2017, on such a short deadline!

I baked with siblings: the oatmeal creme pie bake was an adventure in itself! If you’ve ever baked with young children, you know how thrilled that is!

I sent out a book proposal to an agent, only to be told, “It’s good but not good enough,” and crashed through doors that would, in the long run, make it good enough. Through this adventure, I learned that my timing is not always God’s timing, and herein I must work hard and wait.

I’m thankful for the adventures of 2017 because it forced me to step outside my comfort zone and to try new things, travel to new places, meet total strangers who become good 2017-adventure-editing-chicago-manual-style-mug-tisha-martin-author-editorfriends, and to really trust the Lord to open each door that leads to paths that don’t seem as uncharted as they did when I first started out. Sometimes the uncharted path is the best path–as long as the Lord pushes that doorknob open.

So tell me: what was your 2017 adventure?


Last week’s giveaway winner

Thank you, everyone, who participated in the giveaway last week! I loved reading your responses!

  • The winner of The Melody of the Soul is: MattNJennifer L.

For February’s giveaway, I have a sweet book that’s as rocky as a ship on a wartime sea, but I don’t think there are any doors … unless, of course, you count the ones on the navy base. Come back next week to see which author and book I’ll be featuring!

2 thoughts on “2017 One Word Essay

  1. Wow, that was ONE busy year for you. I couldn’t keep up with that pace myself, and I’m sure my husband wouldn’t want me to. I’m glad you’re embracing it while you’re still young! I hope to see you in Nashville this year.

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