Author Interview: Heather Chapman and The Forgotten Girl Giveaway


I’m super excited! I’ve teamed up with Singing Librarian Books and delighted to introduce to you Heather Chapman, author of the fabulous historical novel The Forgotten Girl. Have you read it yet? Well, here’s a peek at the back cover and a wonderful author interview!

Don’t forget to comment at the end—Heather and I would love to hear what you have to say!

About The Forgotten Girl

IT IS 1906, and sixteen-year-old Stella’s future in Durliosy, Poland, has never looked bleaker. After losing her parents at a young age, she was taken in by her brother’s family. But now, after years of mistreatment, she determines to escape her brother and the oppression of Russian-occupied Poland and travel to America—a land of hope and opportunity.
DETERMINED TO FIND her independence, Stella is not looking for love, but after arriving in Fells Point, Maryland, she can’t help but be drawn in by a tall stranger, despite his rough exterior. What follows is a journey of love, loss, and self-discovery. Can Stella find happiness in her new life? Will she be able to let someone love her, and can she let herself love him in return?
INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY, witness how a forgotten girl made her life truly unforgettable.

Wow, Heather, what a captivating tale of loss and love! Thanks for joining us today on this blog tour. I’m curious:

  1. Why 1906?
    The early 1900s was a time of mass immigration, and consequently where the true story of Stella Marzewska began.
  2. What was the most challenging part of your research?
    The hardest part was knowing how far to go with the research. There were so many tiny details I could have spent forever studying, but in the end—I had to draw a line in order to maintain my creativity. The political climate and history of Poland provided the most challenges logistically. I also had to get in touch with a native Polish speaker to run over my Polish proverbs at the beginning of each chapter.
  3. I’m intrigued by your book just from the research details! I love research and can get lost too. What do you want readers to expect when they read The Forgotten Girl?
    Readers can expect to learn a lot about immigrants of the early 1900s—the journeys, the reasons why, the treatment, the conditions, the triumphs. But, readers can also expect to be swept into another’s life, full of the emotional ups and downs, personal growth, and hope of the main character Stella.
  4. Thank you for writing a book so full of history, conflict, and hope at the end. I’m excited to go buy it and read it! Which Jane Austen book(s) do you adore?
    I love them all. My favorite to read is Mansfield Park. My favorite to watch adapted to screen: BBC’s Pride and Prejudice!
  1. I love all of Jane’s books too. You picked some good titles to share with us, though! Which Audrey Hepburn film(s) do you enjoy?
    How to Steal a Million, Charades, and My Fair Lady are three of my favorites!

About Heather Chapman

Being the youngest of four sisters (and one very tolerant older brother), Heather grew up on a steady diet of chocolate, Jane Austen, Anne of Green Gables, Audrey Hepburn, and the other staples of female moviedom and literature. These stories, along with good teachers, encouraged Heather throughout high school and college to read many of the classics in literature, and later, to begin writing her own stories of romance and adventure. After meeting and marrying her husband Mark, Heather graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University and finally settled down in a small farming community in southeastern Idaho with her husband and four children. In her spare time, Heather enjoys time spent with family, volleyball, piano, the outdoors, and almost anything creative.

Heather, thanks for joining us today! Readers, you may purchase The Forgotten Girl on Amazon or wherever books are sold. (Amazon link to Purchase The Forgotten Girl)

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Reader, your turn to engage in the comments!

What do you find most compelling in a nonfiction book?

Or do you have any questions for Heather about her book?

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