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Build Your Brand

Let’s face it. Writing is hard work. Editing is hard work. Talking to readers is (sometimes) hard work. Not gonna let you down. So is building your brand. If it’s all hard work, why do we do what we do? Why spend painful hours coming up with the right word, the right book cover, the right marketing plan . . . the right brand for our business?

Because we care. We care so much—almost as much as we care about the flavor of ice cream in our waffle cone—about our words and our readers. We care because we want to make a difference with the words we write. And our brand funnels that care element, making the entire journey worth all the painstaking effort to reach success.

My friend Traci Sanders is a brand strategist, and not just any brand strategist. She helped me get out of my box of insecurity and bloom where my flowers were planted, helped me choose just the right flavor for my ice cream cone that best reflected who I was as an author in what I loved to write about. And, most importantly, what my readers wanted.

I didn’t have to fumble any more with finding the right group, sift through countless posts for the right answer in all the writing groups, or even spend thousands of dollars for a brand coach. Nope. I saved huge by spending very little.

I joined the mastermind group, ARR. (No, not the ARRP, that’s something else.)

What is ARR and how does it provide value to indie-, custom-published, and traditionally-published authors?

The ARR stands for Author Resource Room. It’s a secret Facebook group for authors who want ongoing training and strategies for their businesses. I share mindset tips and occasional challenges to help authors boost book sales and increase their following to build their brands. 

Okay. So what? . . . What’s in it for me?

The ARR is not like any other Facebook group. Authors don’t come here to convince others to buy their books or do book swaps. It’s a mastermind group where serious authors gather to learn from one another and gain insider tips on the industry from me. I’ve been in the industry for more than five years and have worked with some amazingly talented editors, writers, publishers, etc., and I’m happy to share this knowledge to help other authors create huge results in their careers. It’s all about building the brand of YOU so people will follow you no matter what you sell/offer. Authors must learn that they are not selling books, they are selling their thoughts, ideas, and personalities. It’s not enough to be a great writer anymore. You must learn to become a great marketers and social media personality.

What does it cost and why do you charge? Can’t I get these resources for free by searching online or learning from a mentor?

At the moment, it’s a one-time fee of $25. Of course, demand will come into play at some point and this may change. I always try to offer affordable services because I know authors don’t have much money for marketing and professional development. However, I also know it’s a crucial part of success in any business, and authors who are serious about their careers must have a budget for these aspects.
Some of the strategies I teach, you may be able to find on the Internet. However, many of them I have gained through thousands of dollars worth of personal coaching from top marketers. Most authors would rather spend the majority of their time writing and editing than searching for countless hours online for ways to market their brands. As well, much of this information can be daunting to learn, so I break it down into bite-size pieces that are easy to apply right away. The authors I’ve worked with seem to value that a great deal. 

What if I already have a mentor or mastermind group? Why do I need to join the ARR? Is it a one-time fee? For how long?

I feel it’s very important to not develop shiny-object syndrome as a professional. This means following every shiny object (new trend or strategy) that you come across. A great deal of time and money can be wasted doing this. I’ve been there! My goal is to become a constant in the world of Facebook noise. I offer sound strategies that I’ve used in my own businesses and that I’ve seen other top earners have success with. I may not be the right mentor for everyone, but I do suggest authors stick with ONE mentor and not go chasing shiny objects. By offering these strategies on an ongoing basis, and for a one-time low fee of $25, I make the ARR a viable option to help a lot of authors. 

Why should I join the Author Resource Room? Isn’t it just like any other author Facebook group?

I can’t speak to the value offered by other Facebook groups, as I’m not part of a lot of them like other authors are. I can confidently speak to the value of what the ARR offers. We don’t clutter our timeline with repeated book links or promos. All members are welcome to share tutorials or helpful tips as they see fit, but there is an understood level of respect for the members’ time and attention in this group. Authors come here to get what they need and help where they can. That’s what makes us different. 

And I can also speak for the success I’ve gained in just a few short months with strategically building my brand and sharing social media post content that specifically helps boost my readership and positions my books in the best way. Thanks, Traci, for sharing this excellent mastermind group with us!

Now, for something really neat. Traci’s offering a giveaway!! Tell us what you’re offering, Traci. 

I will gift two e-copies of Living The Write Life, a practical guide for writers and authors on how to make the most of your writing skills. 

Oh that’s wonderful! It’s easy to enter. Simply click here >>> <<< and enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway! No purchase necessary. Winners over 18 with valid email addresses only. Winners will be announced via email on or after Friday, June 15, 2018.

A Word from Traci

“I would really like to focus on the importance of building the brand of YOU, because that is how authors can achieve lifelong success if they are consistent in their efforts. This will ensure they outlast any social media trend or fad.” 

Make your writing more productive and get a branding coach and mastermind group for a fraction of the cost at the pace you desire! Contact Traci here:

Traci Sanders, a word with traci, mastermind group, indie authors resource group, writing community, marketing your bookAbout Traci Sanders

Traci Sanders is an author, editor, and branding strategist. She is a huge advocate for indie authors through her blog and various other platforms. She empowers authors with strategies on using social media to build memorable brands. 
Blog – A Word With Traci
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