Merry Christmas


Thank you so much for joining me this year and for all your comments, kind words, and conversation.

I have so appreciated getting to know you.

Where are you headed for the holidays?? Wherever you’re traveling, I hope the journey is safe and peaceful for you!

If you haven’t signed up for my Christmas newsletter, I have a small gift for you to share with family and friends this holiday, since I can’t personally hand you a gift (wish I could!).

Also, I share a little bit of this year’s adventures and also what’s in store for 2019. I hope you’ll sign up for the quarterly newsletter, as I don’t want to flood your inbox. We have engaging lives as it is!

In addition to sharing blog posts, in my newsletter, you’ll receive:

  • book/writing news
  • wartime recipes
  • small-town history
  • small-town photos
  • books I’m reading
  • trivia question to answer
  • occasional giveaway or Amazon gift card

So … with that said, here is the link—and family-friendly gift—to sign up if you so desire! 

Click here to sign up!

Have a wonderful holiday with family and friends!!


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