2020 FlourishWriters Online Conference

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Writers, mark your calendars for later this month!

The Storyteller’s Conference encourages writers that their stories deserve to be told. But we also recognize that stories can be difficult to handle. How much is too much? What works and what doesn’t?

That’s why The Storyteller’s Conference will equip writers and communicators who want to improve their storytelling skills.

Both aspiring and working writers will benefit by learning how to:

  • Unlock the power of story in fiction and nonfiction
  • Present your story in different forms of writing
  • Share hard stories with truth and grace
  • Fictionalize real-life events
  • Use stories as compelling illustrations

I’m thrilled to announce that FlourishWriters is back with a delicious online conference that brings beauty and strength to your storytelling.

What: FlourishWriters Online Conference

Initial Conference
: free!
(Lifetime Conference Bundle available for purchase)

Where: anywhere that has wifi access

When: January 20-25, 2020


Storytellers Conf Group Speaker ImageIt’s a pleasure to present along with some of the most talented speakers in the industry.

Self-Editing Your Fiction Writing with Tisha Martin
Mapping Your Novel with Ginny L. Yttrup

Trends in Traditional Publishing with Blythe Daniel

Write Your Personal Story as a Devotional with Mindy Kiker

Telling Biblical Stories with a Modern-Day Application with Joanna Weaver

Serving Your Reader Well with Jennifer Kochert

Creative Retelling: How God’s Story Becomes My Story with Shauna Letellier


Three Types of Sticky Stories with Shannon Popkin

Communicating Your Story from the Stage with Amy Carroll

Writing Fiction for Young Adults with Kara Swanson



Ready to Join Us from the Comfort of Your Home?

Click the Link Below to Register Now:

Register for the Storytellers Conference, January 20-25, 2020

Storytellers Conference Register Now Image

5 thoughts on “2020 FlourishWriters Online Conference

      1. That idea makes my toes curl! Navigating this new and seemingly ominous world of writing has tested my mettle more than I anticipated. This conference feels like sitting in a room of friends who are on journey together; sharing and encouraging one another. Thanks again, sis — Tabitha

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