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Year in Review: 2022

Reviews are curious things. We review abilities and actions, bills and budgets, causes and effects, and many other things. Each review brings us to what we care about most and why we care most about it.

Looking back on 2022, and quite honestly 2021 too, I cared a lot about what happened.

I learned that as I truly treasured myself in each moment of my day—whether spending time recharging, enjoying intentional conversations, learning something new, experiencing (fun) challenges and growth in my editing and writing business—I can point to moments as a whole that energized me, brought fulfillment, and gave me a sense of deeper purpose.

Focusing on my physical health was a gift I didn’t know I needed. This was quite the journey as I sought to improve and change daily life, activities, and priorities. To say it was hard work is an understatement, and the required stamina seemed like a mountain sometimes. But the hard work paid off, the value I gained rewarding, fulfilling, and life-giving.

Speaking to several groups of professional writing college students filled me up, and as I engaged with them in whatever topics they were exploring or supporting them in whatever questions they had, I saw how their gifts and talents were being shaped and sharpened in real time.

Choosing to reduce social media time exponentially increased my connection with others, God, and myself. With the freedom to be intentional helped me value my time and resources so that they would be used optimally. I’m reminded of the quote (loosely paraphrased) by Allen Arnold that is on my fridge, Who and how often I serve is critical, because if I’m serving everyone and everywhere, I’m not serving anyone anywhere. This concept has been a gift to me in recent years as I’ve honed my big-heart skills and fine tuned my resources.

Deciding to hire a business coach infused my personal and professional life with rest, peace, and joy. For several years I knew that I was hustling more than I needed to, but I didn’t know how to slow down—or didn’t want to. In giving myself grace and going at a pace with God’s grace, I realized that hustling doesn’t serve me, and doesn’t serve anyone else. at. all.

I have hustled for far too long. I hustled through childhood, teenage years, college and grad school, and early career years. Now the word ‘hustle’ makes me feel exhausted. I’d rather serve myself, others, and God with grace, knowing that whatever is meant for me will be there for me when I need it.

As I move into a brand new year, my phrase-word is Less Is More.

I will continue editing books, author coaching, and serving the publishing industry I love dearly. I’m also speaking twice this year. (Will share the details soon!)

I will be returning to my own writing—something I’ve neglected the last two years—and finishing my second historical fiction novel. I’m excited to talk about bookish and writing news in my newsletter. (If you aren’t already following the journey, please join?)

I will be spending less time on social media and will be blogging once a month. I’ll be repurposing valuable blogs at first, as my online wings relearn to fly with grace.

And I’m anticipating a fresh, restful, intentional year at a pace with abundant grace.

2 thoughts on “Year in Review: 2022

  1. Sounds like a good plan! Walk blessed in 2023!

    1. Thanks as ever! Blessings to you in this new year too!

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