Tisha the Writer

Tisha Martin grew up in the Midwest, the setting for her fiction. She draws inspiration for her novels from her grandfather’s childhood and high school yearbooks (1945-1948). And her great uncle, a well-known harness horseman, raced horses, which is perhaps why her love for horses shines through in her novels.

She writes historical fiction set in the Midwest that explores fraying family relationships and broken dreams with the determination to rescue both. Not without a bit of romance, mystery, and humor, though, for life must have these things to sustain us.

We face fraying relationships and broken dreams at some point on this journey called life. We get hurt. We are broken. And we want to not feel so lost and abandoned in those hopeless moments of loss and gut-wrenching pain, raw feelings of betrayal, and fear of failure. Yet our response to these crises really matters. That’s why I write. For you. If you are hurting, if you desire to strengthen your faith from the gritty and emotionally devastating circumstances of life, and if you desire to rise stronger and trust the one who created you, and if you are determined to go forth with love and laughter, then please join my characters on the journey from broken to reclaimed.

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Now . . .  a confession. If I were just a writer, her life would be a complete and utter mess. That’s right. A huge mess. You’re invited to visit my other pages, and I truly hopes they are an encouragement and a help to you!


attractive young man high school 1940s yearbook photo Tisha Martin author editor
My grandfather who inspired me to write.


Thika, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Sister, the mustang Paint, one of the horses I trained. Never have I found a more loyal friend than the mustang.
Two things that get me going in the morning . . . Coffee and my Bible.