tisha martin, author, editor, historical fiction, WWII, American homefront, American home front, horses, military, cavalry, relationships, dreamsIn these historical fiction stories that have splashes of mystery and romance and humor, my characters encounter tragedy and triumph, loss and love, and discover secrets about each other that bring them closer together.

Various subjects are family, family life, polio, wars, horses, horse racing, mystery, small-town history, secrets, retired cavalry, American home front, romance, espionage, and ranching. Various themes are forgiveness, betrayal, loyalty, friendship, and acceptance.


Book 1

Caught in their wealthy uncle’s web of espionage during World War One, two brothers fight to protect each other, until lies and deceit drive them apart.


Book 1

In 1943 a sixteen-year-old girl struggles to rise up and retrain retired military horses for civilian pleasure in the aftermath of polio, her stepmother’s death, and her father’s sudden absence.

Korean War

Book 1

After her husband is drafted to serve in the Korean Conflict, a young wife struggles to keep the cattle ranch when the hands try to destroy her polio friend’s character.


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