Editing Services

As an editor who is not a superhuman, when it comes your manuscript, I strive not for perfection but for excellence.

Who do I work with? Other humans like you! Sorry, robots.

  • beginning and best-selling writers, publishers, and organizations

My services include a range, from book editing to writing marketing book copy and evaluating manuscripts and screenplays. In addition, I also judge for Writer’s Digest.

Since 2017 I have judged, evaluated, edited, or proofread over 250 projects and manuscripts, and if you’re curious about the published titles and authors, jump over to view my list of edited titles published in nonfiction and fictionAlso, click here for a List of Completed Writing Projects. I also write marketing copy and develop books for clients.

Clients Who Have Placed in Prestigious Writing Contests

  • Cathryn Swallia, writing as C.F. Gannett. Historical romance, ACFW’s First Impressions, 2018 (semi-finalist); Historical fiction, third place in West Coast Christian Writer’s First Page contest, 2019
  • Sally Apokedak. Fantasy. The Button Girl (Realm Makers Award 2018)
  • Brianna Tibbetts. Children’s. The Knight in Shining Armor (Realm Makers. 2020, nominated)
  • Michele McCarthy. Picture Book. Daddy and Me (Selah Awards. 2020, nominated)
  • Redemption Press. Gift Book. She Writes for Him: Stories of Resilient Faith (Golden Scroll Awards. 2020)

While I’ve worked with many great clients—from beginning to best-selling writers, various faith-based groups, and publishers—I’d love to work with you too! As an editor, I value you and your work. You’ve written a book—that’s huge! That’s one perfect step in the right direction!

As a writer, I totally get your feelings of excitement mixed with dread. Here’s what one client said of my ghostwriting draft development ability, “Tisha did a phenomenal, impressive job on reworking the content for this piece of the book, in particular, into something far better than what the author gave us” (—Adam Swiger, Managing Editor, Speak It To Book), so I’ve been there, trembling with each word, unsure how to form the next one. And yet, that’s makes us the perfect team. . .

But out of all the editors out there, why work with me?

Fair question, and I’m glad you asked! Just like every book doesn’t fit on every shelf, every editor may not be a good fit for every writer. I may not be the right editor for you and your project, and that’s okay! If we’re not a great fit, then I’ll help you find an editor who is!

A great editor will believe in you, your work, and your message. A great editor will work tirelessly for you. A great editor will deliver first-rate work, and because of such care, a great editor is a worthy investment. My clients are happy, and seeing their ideas turn into manuscripts and then published books sends me to the clouds with delight.

Some of my client-authors have even won writing contest awards and have been semi-finalists in prestigious writing contests. A word of encouragement from a client, “Tisha’s expertise in looking at my first five pages was invaluable, and I wish someone had looked at my stuff before! I cannot stress the value of a good critique!” — Cathryn Swallia, semi-finalist for ACFW’s historical romance category and third place in West Coast Christian Writers’ Conference First Page contest.

Of my former involvement with PENCON, a professional editing conference, Robert Hudson, author of The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style, said, “I first came to know Tisha when she helped organize a conference at which I spoke. She was my primary contact and proved to be an efficient and talented organizer. So I know firsthand that her organizational skills are unexcelled.”

Dawn Anderson, Senior Editor at Discovery House, said, “Tisha is a dynamic personality with a passion for all things related to Christian book publishing. Tisha strives for excellence and brought that commitment to her work as PENCON’s assistant director. Any question I had was promptly and cheerfully answered. Whatever she does, Tisha is all in.”

And I absolutely love every part of the publishing industry, but what I love most is working with a manuscript so that it shines through the smoke, or with companies so that their products achieve the best results.

My clients have finaled in children’s, fiction, and nonfiction categories across a wide platform of prestigious writing contests and awards—from Selah Awards to ACFW’s First Impressions to Realm Makers. Will your book be next?

I believe in developing solid, trustworthy relationships because we’re working as a team to create a beautiful manuscript that will influence your readers. I also believe editing is a gift to you, your manuscript, and your readers, your clients. Let’s work together so we can bring the gift of your words to your readers, your clients.

Editorial and Writing Services Offered & Cost*

[$50 minimum on all services]

Developmental Content Edit :: starting at $50/hour

I’ll analyze your chapter or completed manuscript and write a detailed editorial critique highlighting strengths and weaknesses and how you can implement techniques designed to make your manuscript gleam.

If you’d like to talk for thirty minutes about your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses via telephone or video chat, I’d love to talk with you! We can also discuss ways to improve your writing, and what steps you need to take next to achieve your long-term goals. Additional conference time can be purchased for $10 per fifteen-minute interval.

This critique or content edit ensures the entire work is clearly mapped out, whether it is a work of fiction, nonfiction, devotional, or educational manual. Looking at the big picture of your manuscript, I will ensure that these major criterion are met:

  • characterization / overall message and context of story
  • authorial voice and character voice
  • solid plot from beginning, middle, and end
  • consistency in dialogue and prose

Happy Note: A content critique gives you the best value for the least amount of money. If you decide to move forward with further editing after choosing a critique, we can apply the cost of this service to the cost of any other editing service. *Proofreading is not included.

*Prices subject to change.

Line-By-Line Copyedit :: $0.04 (four) cents per word

[$50 minimum]

In a line-by-line copyedit, I’ll use my well-loved editing resources (and Merriam-Webster dictionary) to check for spelling, grammar, word usage, punctuation, clarity, and consistency so you don’t have to.

This is where I dig into the tiny details of the manuscript and analyze each punctuation mark, word, sentence, and paragraph so your manuscript is correct and appropriate.

Please understand this service is intense because it takes the most time, and the cost is often sticker shock; however, a solid copyedit is important when working as a team to create a manuscript you can be proud of. Don’t miss out on the value of a thorough line-by-line copy edit. Your manuscript, agent, publisher, and readers will appreciate you!

Final Proofread :: $0.015 (one and a half) cents per word [$50 minimum]

A final proofread happens after your manuscript has been professionally copyedited and before it’s off to the contest, agent, or publisher.

Proofreading is intended to correct errors made during typesetting, formatting, or file conversion of the final document and will identify any serious errors not caught during line-by-line copy editing.

Other Book Editing / Writing Services

Fiction / Nonfiction Editing Package :: starting at $2500
Back Cover Book Packages :: starting at $200

Writing marketing copy and book proposals and evaluating screenplays are such fun because I’m able to hear my client’s heart behind their product and help them deliver the best value to their customers. Whether it’s writing copy, editing your book proposal, or giving optimal marketing tips, my clients are always pleased. For example, with social media promotion, I was able to, in part, help a client boost their conference attendance 150% from the previous year. How’s that for results?

If working with me sounds like a good fit for you, let’s discuss the possibilities today! Check out my view my list of edited titles published in nonfiction and fictionAnd here for a List of completed writing projects.

Are you ready to work with me? Contact me to get the conversation started!

Please note: Not every project is a good fit for every editor. If your manuscript is outside my expertise, I’m happy to refer to you my skilled colleagues who will be able to assist you. If you need book formatting or cover design, I can definitely refer you to my experienced colleagues who will shepherd your book through that side of the publishing journey.

See what a few of my clients have to say:

“Tisha did a great job. She was quick, accurate, and helped us out in a pinch. I would use her services again, and I would recommend that others consider her for their projects.” —Jason Graham, Director of Product — School Curriculum at Summit Ministries, https://www.summit.org/

“Tisha Martin’s profile says so much about her but not enough, in my opinion. What makes her tick is easily found in her personal disposition to her work and commitment to the success of her clients. I’d recommend her to anyone that desires the services of a professional and at the same time needs one who relates as a friend. I’d always want to work with Tisha.”Patrick Lumumba Philemon, Author of What Think Ye of Christ? Reflections on The Excellence of Jesus

“Not only did Tisha give constructive criticism but she was also positive throughout the feedback given . . . I don’t know if she realizes how much her words have touched me. When I doubt my ability as a writer, it’s words of encouragement like this that really help me so thank you for that. It means a lot.” —Kristena T., fiction contest entrant

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