Editing Services

Success rises and falls by how we value ourselves and our work. As an editor, I value you and your work. You’ve written a book—that’s a huge accomplishment right there! In addition, I believe in developing a good relationship because we’re working as a team to create a beautiful manuscript that will influence your readers. I want to make sure you’re comfortable and confident that your manuscript is in safe hands. To ensure your confidence that I’m the right editor for you, I’ll perform a free sample edit of your first three pages (750 words). Contact me today for information about a free sample esilver-pen-membership-badgedit.

I’m a Silver member of the Christian PEN, a division of Christian Editor Network LLC. I have a Freelance Editing Certificate through the PEN Institute, and I’m constantly learning to keep current in the industry. I serve writers and publishing houses to deliver professionally edited manuscripts. My client base includes best-selling and published authors, beginning and agented authors, indie and traditionally published authors, professional editing agencies, businesses, educational ministries, and publishers.

*If you are a business or ministry, please contact me for project rates.

Editorial Services Offered and Cost

Critique :: $2.00 per page [$50 minimum]

I’ll analyze your chapter or completed manuscript and write a one-page detailed critique highlighting strengths and weaknesses and how you can implement techniques designed to make your manuscript gleam. For fiction and essays, I will also include specific “cheat” sheets to help you improve your craft.

If you’d like to talk for one hour about your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses via telephone or video chat, I’d love to talk with you! We can also discuss ways to improve your writing, and what steps you need to take next to achieve your long-term goals. Additional conference time can be purchased for $10 per fifteen-minute interval.

Happy Note: A critique gives you the best value for the least amount of money. If you decide to move forward with further editing after choosing a critique, we can apply the cost of this service to the cost of any other editing service. *Proofreading is not included.

Content Edit (Substantive/Structural) :: $0.03 (three) cents per word

A content edit is a big picture edit that includes a detailed evaluation of flow, consistency, pace, and readability. I’ll make revisions directly on the manuscript using Track Changes, along with the following structural and organizational issues of:

  • voice
  • plot holes
  • character development
  • story details from beginning to end

Line-By-Line Copyedit :: $0.04 (four) cents per word

editing, proofreading, Tisha Martin, writer, editor, consultant, writing, historical fictionIn a line-by-line copyedit, I’ll use my well-loved editing resources (and Merriam-Webster dictionary) to check for spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, clarity, and consistency so you don’t have to.
This is where I dig into the tiny details of the manuscript and analyze each word, punctuation mark, sentence, and paragraph so your manuscript is correct and appropriate. Please understand this service is time intensive and the cost is often a surprise. However, it’s vital when working as a team to create a work of excellence. Don’t miss out on the value a thorough line-by-line copyedit. Your manuscript and readers will appreciate you!

Final Proofread :: $0.007 (seven-tenths of a cent) per word [$50 minimum]

A final proofread happens after your manuscript has been professionally copyedited and before it’s off to the contest, agent, or publisher.

Proofreading is intended to correct errors made during typesetting, formatting, or file conversion of the final document and will identify any serious errors not caught during line-by-line copy editing.

Don’t let your manuscript sit on the hard drive — contact me today so we can make your manuscript shine! Let me know which editing option you prefer.Save