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PENCON, the only annual editing conference for editors in the Christian market. It’s always the first week in May, but the location is different each year.

In addition to being a writer and an editor, from 2016 to 2018, I was the Assistant Director of PENCON, a division of Christian Editor Network LLC. PENCON is a professional editing conference that is designed to encourage and equip editors in cooperative competition through networking and also to provide continuing education for professional editors by seasoned, professional editors. Open to freelance editors and in-house editors.

Why would you attend a professional conference? Here’s how it benefits you:

​Professional development is vital to growing your business. Not only do you grow your business, but you are able to network with others in your field of expertise and when you share your services with other professionals, each person is able to refer each other to potential clients. And because the personal face-to-face connection has been established, it makes the referral much more valuable than just a name and pixels on the screen. The referral comes vested with a deeper connection necessary for freelance businesses to grow.

PENCON 2018 — We grew 150% from 2017!! We’re so thankful for the support from sponsors, attendees, and volunteers who helped spread the word! I was instrumental in helping adhere to the conference budget, which increased 45% in 2018 from 2017.

May 3-5, 2018, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we learned from industry professionals, networked with fellow editors (from beginners to seasoned professionals), and met with the faculty. Robert Hudson, author of The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style, was our keynote speaker. Our faculty had more than 100 years’ experience in the industry. We also toured Our Daily Bread Ministries.

PENCON 2019 — You won’t want to miss next year’s conference! PENCON will be in Nashville, Tennessee! See you there! Register now for our 2019 conference!

For PENCON 2017, Cecil Murphey was our keynote speaker. Here’s his endorsement:

“I’ve taught in approximately 260 conferences during my career. PENCON 2017 ranks right at the top. The efficiency of Jenne Acevedo, Christi McGuire, and Kathy Ide, stand out. Not only efficient but they and their staff members such as Tisha Martin, were self-giving, never too busy to answer questions, and did everything they could to make us comfortable.

For anyone interested in editing—beginner or professional—PENCON does an excellent job in providing classes to educate and encourage.”

Cecil Murphey, author or ghostwriter of 140 including 90 Minutes in Heaven (Don Piper), Gifted Hands (Ben Carson), Rebel with a Cause (Franklin Graham). He has also written three books for writers, including Ghostwriting: The Murphey Method.

For PENCON 2016, Allen Arnold was our keynote speaker. Here’s his endorsement:

“Editors spend their careers investing in writers, content, and manuscripts. But who invests in the editors? The answer is PENCON, a conference that focuses exclusively on Christian editors and their unique calling. As the former fiction publisher at Thomas Nelson, I’ve seen first-hand the impact PENCON makes through their unique mix of teaching, information, and restoration. It’s a smart investment of time and money for those who shape the content that fuels the Christian publishing industry.”

Allen Arnold, former Thomas Nelson Fiction Publisher and Author of The Story of With


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