3 Insider Tips


3 Insider Tips for Your Success as an Author

  1. Finding the Felt Need & Message
  2. How to Think Like and Editor
  3. Platform & Marketing 101


Writers are often told that the best piece of writing advice is to write what you know, or build your platform . . . or anything related to writing that we embrace the effort to make better in our lives.

The best piece of writing advice I have ever been told resonated with me and changed my thinking about my writing journey.

Trust the process.

That was the plain and simple advice.

Even if you’re just starting out, or you’ve been published a dozen times, trust the process. Each book is different. Each message is different. Each journey will be different.

These 3 insider tips will set you up for success as an author, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re publishing your fifth book. Don’t go the writing and publishing journey alone—grab these tips as a companion. (Psst: there’s also a surprise inside just for you if you choose to take it! I hope you do!)

To your author success,

Tisha M., author/editor


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