Conference Speaking

Sought-after topics include: self-editing, a book’s felt need, and marketing/networking.

I am happy to speak to teens, college students, and adults who are curious, teachable, and want to grow their writing and editing skills, or who want to break into freelance writing and editing.

Platforms include: in-person and online.

Topics I Speak About

  • How to Work with an Editor
  • Contests 101
  • Self-editing for Writers
  • Elements of Great Writing
  • Finding the Felt Need
  • Risk & Reward of Freelance Editing
  • Fiction Content Editing
  • Nonfiction Content Editing
  • How to Network Successfully

4 thoughts on “Speaking

  1. Your conversation with Steve Laube truly is remarkable – memorable!
    I too attended Suzie May and Rachel’s post conf session in Nashville – I tend to be a blend of plotter/pantser.

    Great site you have here, Tisha!
    Praying you blessings in your journey!

    1. Joy, thanks for commenting! I did enjoy the conversation with Steve, and also for his advice about different methods of writing. And, yes, Susie’s and Rachel’s post conference was definitely the highlight of the conference!

  2. Hey Tisha I followed your name here to see how you are doing. Your website looks wonderful, so many improvements. Good job!

    1. Barbara, hello! So glad you stopped by!
      Thank you so much. The Lord’s been so good, as always. ­čÖé

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