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When you can’t stop

write for inspiration
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Even writers who’ve been at the pen or typewriter or keyboard for ages will agree: the key word here is “becomes.”

To write well, it takes 5% creativity and 95% determination to stick with the task. Determination is how

LM Montgomery unearthed Anne of Green Gables after storing it in a hat box for years,

Stephen King plowed on after hundreds of rejections by the time he was fourteen,

Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit tales are a legend,

Alex Haley spent eight years before finding a publisher,

and Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind has continued to succeed after it was rejected 38 times.

So, what does this boil down to? Write, read, write, read, write some more. Be determined to do what you know you’re supposed to do. Natural writing, like breathing, will come.

And you won’t be able to stop.