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Three Reasons I Feel Like an Agent

book wagon

I have a lot of respect for literary agents. Not that I didn’t before, but I guess I should say, I have a greater respect for them. Because last year I felt like an agent. And it wasn’t because I sat at my computer desk all day, with a stack of manuscripts piled around me…

I had actual books piled around me.

Yeah, you can say I had a very large To-Be-Read Pile.

That’s an average reader, you say. Hmm, well, you might be right, but here’s why I felt like an agent…

  1. I read 175 books in less than two months.
    Surely agents have evaluated this many manuscripts in a month.
    Or read as many emails. . . 
  2. I gave as many evaluations.
    Perhaps agents have rejected as many, if not more, manuscripts, while offering encouraging advice to the writers.
  3. I drank as many cups of coffee.
    Should be enough said right there—for reader, editor, writer, and agent.

So tell me . . . have you read as many books in such a short amount of time?

Which books have been your favorite from your TBR pile? And what’s one on your list that you’re just dying to read?