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Kind the Kitten

Recently, I saw a Kohl’s advertisement on Facebook, displaying attractive t-shirts for girls to wear to school. The t-shirts promote the non-profit Kind Campaign against girl-to-girl bullying. I like these styles, especially the gray one: Being Kind Never Goes Out of Style, and t he pink and white kitten shirt.

I immediately thought of another kind of kind — our gray and black striped kitten, Kind! We named this kitty Kind to help teach the little ones to be kind to him, and how to hold him properly. 🙂 When we named him Kind, I really thought it was crazy, naming an animal after a character trait. But, when the kids were actually nice to the kitty, I’m not laughing as much at this cute kitty. He really is the kindest kitten ever. 😀

So, looking for a pet name? Have little kids and want to teach them something that will stick with them forever? Name your pet a character trait! 🙂

What’s the funnest pet name you’ve ever heard of?