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Year in Review: 2022

Reviews are curious things. We review abilities and actions, bills and budgets, causes and effects, and many other things. Each review brings us to what we care about most and why we care most about it.

Looking back on 2022, and quite honestly 2021 too, I cared a lot about what happened.

I learned that as I truly treasured myself in each moment of my day—whether spending time recharging, enjoying intentional conversations, learning something new, experiencing (fun) challenges and growth in my editing and writing business—I can point to moments as a whole that energized me, brought fulfillment, and gave me a sense of deeper purpose.

Focusing on my physical health was a gift I didn’t know I needed. This was quite the journey as I sought to improve and change daily life, activities, and priorities. To say it was hard work is an understatement, and the required stamina seemed like a mountain sometimes. But the hard work paid off, the value I gained rewarding, fulfilling, and life-giving.

Speaking to several groups of professional writing college students filled me up, and as I engaged with them in whatever topics they were exploring or supporting them in whatever questions they had, I saw how their gifts and talents were being shaped and sharpened in real time.

Choosing to reduce social media time exponentially increased my connection with others, God, and myself. With the freedom to be intentional helped me value my time and resources so that they would be used optimally. I’m reminded of the quote (loosely paraphrased) by Allen Arnold that is on my fridge, Who and how often I serve is critical, because if I’m serving everyone and everywhere, I’m not serving anyone anywhere. This concept has been a gift to me in recent years as I’ve honed my big-heart skills and fine tuned my resources.

Deciding to hire a business coach infused my personal and professional life with rest, peace, and joy. For several years I knew that I was hustling more than I needed to, but I didn’t know how to slow down—or didn’t want to. In giving myself grace and going at a pace with God’s grace, I realized that hustling doesn’t serve me, and doesn’t serve anyone else. at. all.

I have hustled for far too long. I hustled through childhood, teenage years, college and grad school, and early career years. Now the word ‘hustle’ makes me feel exhausted. I’d rather serve myself, others, and God with grace, knowing that whatever is meant for me will be there for me when I need it.

As I move into a brand new year, my phrase-word is Less Is More.

I will continue editing books, author coaching, and serving the publishing industry I love dearly. I’m also speaking twice this year. (Will share the details soon!)

I will be returning to my own writing—something I’ve neglected the last two years—and finishing my second historical fiction novel. I’m excited to talk about bookish and writing news in my newsletter. (If you aren’t already following the journey, please join?)

I will be spending less time on social media and will be blogging once a month. I’ll be repurposing valuable blogs at first, as my online wings relearn to fly with grace.

And I’m anticipating a fresh, restful, intentional year at a pace with abundant grace.

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3 Steps to Build Your Writer’s Platform

Obedience in the same direction tisha martin author editor platform

(first published in 2018, now with updates)

Why do many aspects of Platform cause a writer to shun and run from this daunting stage?

“It’s so new.”

“It’s so scary.”

“I’m scared!”

“I can’t do it.”

“I don’t know even what I’m doing.”

“Why is it important?”

I don’t know what keeps you from building your writer platform. Every person is beautifully designed. What I do know is that in the years I’ve been navigating the waters of social media and building a platform, I’ve learned it’s not as daunting. Rather, it’s quite fun. God’s given each of us gifts with which to serve him. We each have intrinsic value to contribute to our community.

Yet fear is one thing that can get in the way of building platform.

Fear pushes you away from connecting, from growing, from learning. Fear keeps me from doing what I want to do. I didn’t realize how introverted I was on social media; I don’t enjoy sharing every scene of my life, however, as I’ve grown into the knowledge of truly connecting, I am learning how to connect in the way that works for me. It might not work for you, and you’ll likely find your own way of vulnerability and connection too.

Once I realized what I was afraid of and how to nudge it down, connecting with people has been the most rewarding part of this platform journey.

I can’t remember who said it but I’ve learned to let fear motivate me, for in that, I’m able to balance the rational fear from the irrational fear about platform and why it makes me scared. When I release my fear  and embrace inner confidence, I’m giving myself the freedom to do what needs to be done and press on with love and light.

As King David said in Psalm 23, “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.”

My fellow writers, graze in the security that the Lord is with you in every situation. Even as you build your platform and reach out to people. In my mind, platform simply means connecting with people. With the Lord at my side and a love for people, I can go anywhere and do anything.

As many an industry professional will say, “Platform” isn’t just social media, branding, and blogging, “it’s network. It’s connection. It’s relationship.”

Many beginning creatives may find Platform challenging, and it is. Connection might seem like a valley at first. But if we zoom through the valley and turn our eyes toward the mountain, we will recognize success. Rome wasn’t built in one day. Neither is Platform built in one month. Or one year. Or ten.

Find your vulnerability. Find your tribe. And let your connections live and flourish.

Here are three N’s to build that platform:

  1. Network on the social media you’re comfortable with.
    If it’s only Facebook you’re on, stay there. Don’t try anything else. When you’re comfy cozy, venture out and include Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube. Above all else, start small. Build those relationships, even among your thirty friends. You’ll grow.
  2. Nudge everyone in your field. And join others’ newsletter list too.
    If that field is editing, reach out to one person a week. Make small conversation. Compliment them on something from their website or social media content or newsletter. If that field is writing, connect with writers who write the same things you do. Offer something of personal value to everyone you meet.
  3. Nestle with God and his people. 
    Growth takes time and effort before it just blossoms. Keep working at it. Form a prayer chain with a few friends about your struggles. Find a mentor. Ask God what he would want you to do. He will help you because he’s called you to it.

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