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Standing Tall

novel marketing part 1The more I sifted through the maroon and wood Scrabble tiles, the more I realized I might have to put in a mystery tile to fulfill my Scrabble word choice for this post.

But I reallly wanted a maroon “k” to match my other letters!  And then something happened.

As I fingered the letters in my hand, the three-letter word “tal” flashed across my mind. Tall. Being a writer is like that. In the book world of self-marketing, writers must stand tall.

I wanted to share a marketing post about being comfortable with talking about yourself and your work. As introverts (some of us are, some of us are not, and that’s what makes us all successful together!), we are wallflowers with people we don’t know very well. Sometimes, it’s hard to jump out there and just say, “Hey! How are you?”

But I’m here to encourage you, that before you can talk about yourself, your writing, and our goals in life, you’ve gotta stand tall. Tall, with the courage that there are others out there just like you — just as timid, just as unsure, just as confused about this whole book and self marketing as you are.

So whether you’re going to a conference, venue, or just bumping into someone at the grocery store, use those moments to inquire after someone and listen, and then talk. You never know what’ll happen.
Former president Franklin Roosevelt said it best: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” And that fear, my friend, is the only thing inside you that’s keeping you from standing tall, stepping out, and snatching those goals, those dreams, that agent or editor. (Well, maybe not snatch the agent or editor because he/she snatches you, but I had to use alliteration, and that’s the word that came to mind!)

And so, take heart and take that flying leap! Stand tall. And talk.

And just as much leaping as it takes to talk, it’s also necessary to lip it and be silent. 😉

Now to leave you with the wise words of Mr. Churchill:

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. — Winston Churchill