In a world of fall color: give thanks

Fall brings comforting things---what's your favorite comfort? PLUS, information about another giveaway!

Perspective: Polio Interview with Starr Tillman

Since I enjoy researching and writing about the WWII American home front and polio, I'm delighted to introduce you to my friend, Starr. I met Starr through the Post Polio Facebook page and I was so inspired by her love for life and her beautiful heart. As I got to know her, it became apparent … Continue reading Perspective: Polio Interview with Starr Tillman

A poetic bit

Photo credit: blue table writers So, inspiration comes at odd moments. When we least expect it. Mine came on the frigid Friday evening when five writers and an artist gathered around an inspiring blue table. Haiku. We all had to write a haiku based on the topic of flowers. I agonized over correct wording and … Continue reading A poetic bit