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Interview: Author Pitch Toolkit with Katie Morford Phillips

Cover Sheet

I’m excited to introduce Katie (Morford) Phillips, the creator of this amazing and easy-to-use author pitch toolkit. As a writer who’s agonized over knowing how to pitch to an agent or editor and what to put together, it’s a relief to know that this reusable toolkit is available. Before we get started, though, Katie…

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Um, where to start. I’m a slow writer, a fast fiction editor, and a voracious reader who grew up re-imagining the endings of books I didn’t like. My first published novel was a co-authored romantic suspense novel, Kenan, but I typically trend toward soft speculative fiction. I have a space opera fantasy in revisions and I am currently working on a YA historical urban fantasy (think Harry Potter meets X-men in WWII-era northern England). I married a ballet/swing dancer and love travel, strawberries, and Cadbury Royal Dark Chocolate.

Sounds like you have life moving in beautiful circles. Your YA historical sounds intriguing!

What is the Author Pitch Toolkit?

The Author Pitch Toolkit is full of tips to impress agents and editors, real-life examples, and reusable templates for your querying/pitching journey.

Tell your story with clarity and confidence!

Wow, I wish this toolkit available to me when I had first pitched, or even when I had created my first book proposal! I’m so glad it’s available now!

What drew you to the crazy wonderful world of gifting authors with your awesome pitch toolkit?

As first an author, then a publisher and fiction editor, I’ve had the unique opportunity to see the book industry (especially the querying/pitching process) from both sides of the table. When so many of my fiction editing clients expressed to me how lost and overwhelmed they felt trying to navigate the pitching process, I knew I had the experience and expertise to guide them to telling their story with clarity and confidence. As one of my multi-published clients said, “This is the toolkit I wish I’d had when I was first starting out!”

This is super exciting! I can’t wait for Authors to get started using the toolkit!

What’s your favorite tool and why?

I absolutely love the query letter, synopsis, and one-sheet templates. So many amazing stories are sitting on a shelf because their author is too overwhelmed to try pitching or hasn’t been equipped to communicate their story in an intriguing way. Many writers struggle to condense an entire novel into a synopsis or blurb. The templates are designed to be super simple, plug-and-play resources. They guide authors step-by-step through the process and eliminate overwhelm so they can reach their goals.

For me, I’ve always struggled putting my story into a synopsis or even a blurb. Now that I’ve had the chance to look through this amazing toolkit, I’m confident that using it will 100% chase away all those intimidating feelings about the whole pitching/proposal process.

What do you want authors to come away with after purchasing their Author Pitch Toolkit?

I really want authors to walk away with tremendous clarity as to their story and its strongest selling points, and therefore great confidence in their story. I want to take authors from overwhelm to enthusiasm, and guide them through sharing their passion with an industry desperate for fresh stories and voices.

Thanks so much for joining us today, Katie, and for introducing your very affordable Author Pitch Toolkit!

Authors, you don’t have to wallow in self-doubt and insecurity over pitching in front of agents and editors. An affordable $30 lifetime investment for today’s author. 

Purchase the Author Pitch Toolkit today!

About Katie:

She sKatie Morford Phillips Author Pitch Toolkittarted writing with a friend in high school and eventually branched out on her own and completed 11+ novels and novels (which will never see the light), although she does have one romantic suspense novel published. After three years in journalism and three years living overseas doing communications for a non-profit, she returned to her native Kansas to launch her own fiction editing career. Helping authors is her passion. She’s also co-founder of Crosshair Press, an indie publishing house specializing in adventure stories.

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