Novel Editing: One Sheets Pt. 3

In the midst of editing my novel and preparing for the ACFW writer's conference, I delved into writing One Sheets for two of the books in my Midwest trilogy. One piece of paper with author blurb and information, back cover blurb, captivating photo . . . easy, shmeasy, right? Ah, ha-ha, yeaaaah. No. Any writer … Continue reading Novel Editing: One Sheets Pt. 3

Novel Editing: Intro

Writing is only as good as the editing. After two weeks of feverishly paring my 149k-word novel down to 109k words so that I could send it off to my editor, I realize that the editing has only started. My novel's bleeding deep and I was too, but I've rolled up my sleeves and am … Continue reading Novel Editing: Intro