An Esther Kind of Author

After reading Dan Balow's purely satirical post about why he wouldn't represent Bible people, I got to thinking. If I were an agent, I'd represent Esther. For many reasons. she's approachable, honest, thoughtful, and wise; she'd pray for you and those in your agency; and she'd negotiate contracts without losing the essence of the message … Continue reading An Esther Kind of Author

Author Interview: Sheri D. Parmelee

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. We're interviewing the wonderful Sheri D. Parmelee, who takes the world by storm -- in the classroom and in her practical tips for daily living. I met Sheri at the 2016 ACFW conference, and we hit it off immediately. It was our first ACFW … Continue reading Author Interview: Sheri D. Parmelee

ACFW 2016: Defining Success Pt. 3

  It's been quite a few weeks since I've posted. Sorry for the delay, but life decided to take off at rocket speed, and it was quite the ride! Still is quite a ride, but learning to fly with the rocket instead of trying to catch the rocket. 😉 Remember my posts earlier about literary … Continue reading ACFW 2016: Defining Success Pt. 3

Standing Tall

As I fingered the letters in my hand, the three-letter word "tal" flashed across my mind. Being a writer is like that, I thought.

Novel Editing: Part 1

With my sleeves rolled up and fingers at the keyboard, I'm taking a short break from editing to comment. Started digging into chapter 5 (out of 40) in my novel, To Rise. Chapters are short, but each needs to contain one thing, and one thing only: character goal. This-this character goal seems challening. But I … Continue reading Novel Editing: Part 1