How to Edit the Scene

The scenes within your story link the characters and plot together like a colorful construction paper chain link that can be as short or as long as you want them to be. . .

Punctuation Series: How to Edit Hyphens

Where does that hyphen really go in my manuscript? How can I make my book look professional on the inside? This blog post shares another simple way you can wow editors and agents with your presentation, thus moving closer to representation and publication.

Punctuation Series: How to Edit Em Dashes

Continuing the punctuation series on editing the dash. How to edit the Em dash. Self-editing has never been easier with this super clear, super easy, and super fun punctuation series!

Interview with Cynthia Roemer and Under Moonlit Skies Characters

Historical romance fiction author Cynthia Roemer shares behind-the-scenes research and her characters background in Under Moonlit Skies, the third instalment of her Prairie Sky series...

Punctuation Series: How to Edit En Dashes

How to edit the en dash is a proven way to beef up your self-editing skills, even if you hate editing! Tisha Martin makes it super easy and super clear. And super fun!

ACFW: June 2019 Indiana Meeting

First pages are challenging. Wouldn't you rather not have to go it alone? The June 2019 Indiana Chapter ACFW meeting is here to help guide and shape the first chapter of your manuscript. Writers, if you're near Kokomo, IN, you'll not want to miss getting your first page evaluated by professional editors in the industry. … Continue reading ACFW: June 2019 Indiana Meeting

Punctuation Series: How to Edit Punctuation Marks

Presentation is everything, especially when it comes to the publishing world. And your presentation of punctuation is crucial to your book’s success. But punctuation can be tricky, boring, and downright distressing at times. As a writer and an editor, I completely understand your frustration with grammar altogether. You’d rather write, right? Right! So let’s continue … Continue reading Punctuation Series: How to Edit Punctuation Marks