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Author Interview: Jessica Ronne + Sunlight Burning at Midnight Giveaway

Jess and I have discussed that she sleeps more than I do—and she has eight kids! How could I sleep when I was reading her memoir (about the birth of her son Lucas, who had a serious heart condition, and the passing of her late husband, Jason) Sunlight Burning at Midnight?? I’m excited to introduce to you my friend Jessica Ronne, fondly known for her simply lifestyle at Jess Plus the Mess, founder of the Lucas Project, and lives the mantra #justkeeplivin.

Thanks, Jess, for sharing a bit of your life with us today. And, readers, there’s a #giveaway at the end, so just keep reading!

What was your go-to Bible passage or quote during your pregnancy with Caleb, and how did that transform your thinking?

Psalm 91. The imagery of the Father, covering me with his mighty wings, shielding and protecting me and my family from harm was an image I often returned to.

Who was your earthly rock during the events surrounding your Jason’s illness, and how did they give you hope?

I’m not sure I allowed anyone to be my earthly rock. I’m too stubborn to let people into my pain and so Jason and I relied heavily on each other’s strength during those tumultuous years. He retained his mental and physical strength almost to the very end and was my rock. I leaned on him until I absolutely had to let go.

How did you think your kids would react to meeting new husband Ryan and the Ronne kiddos? And what surprised you?

They were so excited. Only weeks after Jason’s death Caleb asked when he was going to get a new dad. There was such a void there that he wanted filled. He loved the idea of a father because his experience with Jason had been so positive. It surprised me how well they all clicked from the very first day. They laughed and played and even fought like they had always been siblings!

What has been the best memory so far with your family?

Hmmm. There are so many joy filled days. I don’t know if I have one. One moment that may seem insignificant to many but holds meaning occurred after we followed our hearts and moved to rural Tennessee to pursue a simple life. We purchased a big old deserted house and the water pipes broke and so we didn’t have water. The kids needed a shower, and it began to rain. I told them to grab a bottle of shampoo, put on their bathing suits, and head outside to shower. They danced all over the patio, lathering each other up as bubbles flowed down their bodies and into the overgrown grass. There was such joy and determination and this idea of – as long as were together and we’re a family we can get through anything and find joy in the mundane, and we have.

Jessica, thank you so much—your story is truly an inspiration to us all.

jessica-ronne-headshot-tisha-martin-author-editor-sunlight-burning-at-midnightAbout Jessica Ronne

Jessica Ronne is a wife, mother, author, and teacher. She lives in the hills of Tennessee with her husband Ryan and eight children where they cultivate the simple life, which they’ve discovered isn’t really all that simple. She is the author of Sunlight Burning at Midnight, her memoir of beauty from ashes. She can be found at, blogging about faith, grief, food, simplicity, special needs children, blended families, and everything else in between. You can find her also on Facebook: jessplusthemess and on Instagram: jessplusthemess.

Reader, your turn! What’s been a hard or challenging experience for you, and how have you seen God help you through it? In short, what’s been your sunlight burning at midnight?

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