Standing Tall

As I fingered the letters in my hand, the three-letter word "tal" flashed across my mind. Being a writer is like that, I thought.

Novel Editing: Intro

Writing is only as good as the editing. After two weeks of feverishly paring my 149k-word novel down to 109k words so that I could send it off to my editor, I realize that the editing has only started. My novel's bleeding deep and I was too, but I've rolled up my sleeves and am … Continue reading Novel Editing: Intro

Freelancer: Get Noticed!

Along your writing path, how do you and your business rate among this vast web of contacts, businesses, and slew of ideas? AreĀ  you constantly thinking about how to grow your name and/or business, or perhaps your author presence?   This great article by Carole Tice from Freelance Writers Den holds much information for the … Continue reading Freelancer: Get Noticed!

When you can’t stop

Even writers who've been at the pen or typewriter or keyboard for ages will agree: the key word here is "becomes." To write well, it takes 5% creativity and 95% determination to stick with the task. Determination is how LM Montgomery unearthed Anne of Green Gables after storing it in a hat box for years, … Continue reading When you can’t stop

A poetic bit

Photo credit: blue table writers So, inspiration comes at odd moments. When we least expect it. Mine came on the frigid Friday evening when five writers and an artist gathered around an inspiring blue table. Haiku. We all had to write a haiku based on the topic of flowers. I agonized over correct wording and … Continue reading A poetic bit