Kristena T.

“Not only did you give constructive criticism but you were also positive throughout the feedback given . . . I don’t know if you realize how much [your] words have touched me. When I doubt my ability as a writer, it’s words of encouragement like this that really help me so thank you for that. It means a lot.” –Kristena T.

Fiction Author

“Thank you for taking the time to review my work . . . I’m glad you liked the characters of Megan and Katie. I will be working on making Melanie a stronger character per your suggestion. I appreciate your encouragement to keep working on this piece.” –Fiction Author

Lara E.

“Thank you for your work in judging my entry . . . You were very adept in your comment that my submission would be a great second chapter. I did not submit the prologue and you have proved that something is necessary before the scene I submitted. I am still working out the bugs with the prologue and will have to decide whether it will become a full chapter. You also mentioned the blurb needs work. You’re right, the romantic aspect of the story is turning out to be a bigger plot point than I originally planned and I need to add it to the blurb. Thank you for the positive feedback and suggestions for improvement.” –Lara E.

Kellie V.

“Thank you so much for giving your time to serve as a judge . . . and for your insightful remarks on my manuscript . . . I appreciate the time and effort you put into reading my entry.” –Kellie V.