Steve Fricke

“Tisha has been instrumental in helping my company ensure high quality editorial standards for us and our clients. She accomplished this through diligently proofreading and copy-editing deliverables such as company user guides, eLearning modules, and scripts. [Tisha was] responsible for the documentation of our editorial standards … [with] strong editing skills, a passion for correct use of language, and a relentless focus on ensuring correct standards are documented and enforced. Although Tisha’s role at Illinois Pro Services have not required her to produce her own writing, as her manager, I have seen her writing style in our routine communications. It’s good: clear, concise, and well-written. …Tisha has been very easy to work with. We’ve found her to be pleasant, helpful, good-natured, and professional.”

— Steve Fricke, MBA, C++, PMP, owner of Illinois Pro Services, LLC,