I enjoy being an editor, and I also love judging for several premier contests in the United States because helping authors take their work to the next level is so rewarding. Here’s what my clients and contest authors are saying:

Praise from Clients:

“Tisha Martin has edited for me for only a short time, but I found her professionalism and attention to detail excellent. I will gladly use Tisha for future projects for Elk Lake Publishing Inc.” –Deb Haggerty, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, http://www.elklakepublishinginc.com/

“So happy with the changes.  Everything else, perfect. I love that you took that second paragraph and moved it, I didn’t have the perspective to do that. It flows much better. Thank you!” –Sherry Cothran, Author of Tending Angels, Pastor, Songwriter, http://www.sherrycothran.com/

“Tisha did a great job. She was quick, accurate, and helped us out in a pinch. I would use her services again, and I would recommend that others consider her for their projects.” –Jason Graham, Director of Product — School Curriculum at Summit Ministries, https://www.summit.org/

“I’m so grateful to you for helping me out with the first five pages of my book. With all the classes I’ve taken on writing, this was never emphasized enough, and so I never learned what publishers want to see. I could never stress enough how important it is to have an editor help with a manuscript. Invaluable!” –Cathryn Swallia, Author, https://cooperjackjournal.wordpress.com/

“Tisha has been instrumental in helping my company ensure high quality editorial standards for us and our clients. She accomplished this through diligently proofreading and copy-editing deliverables such as company user guides, eLearning modules, and scripts. Additionally, I selected Tisha to be responsible for the documentation of our editorial standards. As a seasoned editor myself, I wanted someone with strong editing skills, a passion for correct use of language, and a relentless focus on ensuring correct standards are documented and enforced. Although Tisha’s role at Illinois Pro Services have not required her to produce her own writing, as her manager, I have seen her writing style in our routine communications. It’s good: clear, concise, and well-written. Finally, I have to mention that Tisha has been very easy to work with. We’ve found her to be pleasant, helpful, good-natured, and professional.” –Steve Fricke, MBA, C++, PMP, owner of Illinois Pro Services, LLC, http://www.illinoisproservices.com

Praise from Contestants:

“I greatly appreciate the notes at the very end of the Word document. I will definitely incorporate many (if not all) of the edits and recommendations you gave.  I *knew* of some of the things mentioned, but you helped to articulate it from an outside perspective.” –Fiction Author

“Thank you so much for giving your time to serve as a judge . . . and for your insightful remarks on my manuscript . . . I appreciate the time and effort you put into reading my entry.” –Kellie V.

“Thank you for your work in judging my entry . . . You were very adept in your comment that my submission would be a great second chapter. I did not submit the prologue and you have proved that something is necessary before the scene I submitted. I am still working out the bugs with the prologue and will have to decide whether it will become a full chapter. You also mentioned the blurb needs work. You’re right, the romantic aspect of the story is turning out to be a bigger plot point than I originally planned and I need to add it to the blurb. Thank you for the positive feedback and suggestions for improvement.” –Lara E.

Thank you for taking the time to review my work . . . I’m glad you liked the characters of Megan and Katie. I will be working on making Melanie a stronger character per your suggestion. I appreciate your encouragement to keep working on this piece.” –Fiction Author

“Not only did you give constructive criticism but you were also positive throughout the feedback given . . . I don’t know if you realize how much [your] words have touched me. When I doubt my ability as a writer, it’s words of encouragement like this that really help me so thank you for that. It means a lot.” –Kristena T.