What My Colleagues Say

I’m very thankful for the people I’ve had the privilege of meeting and whose businesses  I’ve enjoyed supporting. If we don’t support each other in community, how will we grow? Thank-you to everyone who has, in turn, supported me and my business. May we all continue to learn that supporting another person in business will indeed not hurt our own business, for there is strength and encouragement in numbers.

“Tisha Martin has a passion for encouraging authors and editors in which she seeks to bridge their relationships as they work together for the good of the publishing industry that offers readers books to be remembered for a lifetime.”
Lil Copan, Senior Acquisitions Editor of Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company and Owner of Editing – Ideation – Content, www.linkedin.com/in/LILCOPAN/

“Tisha’s love of words and bright personality really come together and make all of her projects come to life. Not only skilled at her work, she is a blast to work with as well.”
Jamey Walston, Copyeditor,  www.linkedin.com/in/jamey-walston/

“Always good for an author—either beginning or seasoned—to have an editor, another pair of reliable eyes on their work. Tisha Martin, of Tisha Martin Editorial, specializes in historical fiction, academic editing, and creative nonfiction. An active member of American Christian Fiction Writers and The Christian PEN, she appreciates the writing and editing communities.”
Mary Felkins, Author, www.maryfelkins.com

“Tisha is an editor and proofreader for authors, editing companies, and publishers. She offers manuscript critiques and consultations at affordable rates!”
Shirley Scurlock at Unique Faith Fellowship, friends-family-fellowship.mn.co/landing-page