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The Story behind My Writing

I grew up in the Midwest, the setting for my fiction, and I draw inspiration for my novels from my grandfather’s childhood and high school yearbooks (1945–1948). And my great uncle, a well-known harness horseman, raced Standarbreds, which is perhaps why my love for horses shines through in my novels.

My Books and Characters

My historical fiction explores social and cultural history during the world wars on the American home front that dips into fraying relationships and broken dreams with the determination to rescue both. Not without a bit of romance, mystery, and humor, though, for life must capture these things to sustain us.

If you like characters who desire to strengthen their faith from tough and tender circumstances of life, then please join my characters on the journey from broken to reclaimed.

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attractive young man high school 1940s yearbook photo Tisha Martin author editor
My grandfather who inspired me to write.


Thika, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Sister, the mustang Paint, one of the horses I trained. Never have I found a more loyal friend than the mustang.